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What Millennial Buyers Are Looking For In A Home

Making Your Home Most Attractive
Posted by Jessica Wimberly on May 13, 2019 in No Category
Today’s topic is for anyone thinking of selling their home and wants to know the best ways to attract millennial home buyers. If you want to make sure your house attracts the most buyers, learn what features are desirable so you can make any necessary changes prior to listing it for sale.  #1:  UPDATED KITCHENS AND BATHS If your kitchen & bathrooms still looks the same as when you bought your home 15 years ago, you might want to consider some cost effective updates before putting it up for sale.... read more
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6 Steps For Designing Your Garden

It's Prime Time For Gardening
Posted by Jessica Wimberly on May 10, 2019 in  Gardening  Homeowner Tips  Landscaping
The following is a guest post by Francesca Singer Spring is coming, which means it is almost prime time for gardening. Whether you are a novice gardener or an old pro, there are a few critical actions to take when you set out to design a garden. Read on for six steps for designing your garden–and get started stat! Step 1: Location, Location, Location Like so many things in life, with gardens, location is everything. Determine where you want your garden to be. There are a few important considerations to ... read more
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How To Make House Hunting As Easy As Binge Watching Netflix

Eliminate Stress With This New Method Of House Hunting!
Posted by Jessica Wimberly on May 08, 2019 in  First Time Home Buyer  Home Buying  Home Buying Tips
You know the feeling when you struggle to find something to watch on Netflix because it’s just so overwhelming with the number of shows and movies to choose from? Well the same thing can happen when it comes to house hunting! There are so many real estate websites and so many houses to look at. Digging through countless websites, having your phone glued to your hand, constantly hitting refresh to make sure you don’t miss anything can get a little tiring. Instead, there is a simple method you can impleme... read more
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3 Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Front Porch

Summer is on it's way - which means it's time to boost up your curb appeal!
Posted by Jessica Wimberly on May 06, 2019 in No Category
Spring is in full swing and Summer is on its way. Ok. Ok. It's we live in Louisiana - it's already here, which means it's time to boost up your curb appeal!Whether you are getting your home ready for sale or you just need a mini front porch makeover, today we are sharing some very easy tips to do just that!#1. Swap Out The Welcome MatNothing says "unwelcome" more than a shabby looking front door mat - especially when it's been beaten up over the Winter months. Pick up a new on from Target or World Market (they both... read more
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5 Ways To Pay For A Pricey Home Remodel

Getting the home that you want with the resources you already have!
Posted by Jessica Wimberly on May 03, 2019 in  Homeowner Tips
5 Ways to Pay for a Pricey Home Remodel Whether your overgrown starter home needs an extension or you want to add luxury upgrades to your basic bathroom, a remodel can give you the home you want using the resources you already have. SAM SHALOMAPR 8, 2019 Remodeling your home can be a great way to change your living space without buying a new house. Whether your overgrown starter home needs an extension or you want to add luxury upgrades to your basic bathroom, a remodel can give you the home you want usin... read more
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