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Top Lifestyle Decisions When Buying A Home

You're Not Just Buying A House, You're Buying A Lifestyle
Posted by Jessica Wimberly on October 15, 2018 in  Home Buying
You’re not just buying a house, you’re buying a lifestyle! That means when you’re writing out your list of must have home features and deal breakers, you need to think beyond the “house data” and figure out which features to focus on that will give you the lifestyle you want to live! As a buyer, you might say you’re looking for a 3 bedroom home with a finished basement on at least an acre and with an updated kitchen. An example of what you really might be looking for is a place t... read more
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What Does A Buyer's Agent Do

CBG Goes In Depth On What Our Buyer's Agent Do & Why You Need One
Posted by Jessica Wimberly on October 08, 2018 in  Home Buying
Our agents have helped many first time home buyers successfully buy their dream home. All the while, many of these buyers had no clue that they had the ability to use a buyer's agent to represent them in one of the biggest purchases they will ever make!We have decided to share this information with all of you prospective home buyers to hopefully help educate you, so that when you are ready you will have a Coldwell Banker Gosslee agent on your side. Because, let's be honest - buying a house involves so many mor... read more
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So Fresh. So Clean.

CBG's New Construction Listings Just For YOU!
Posted by Jessica Wimberly on October 05, 2018 in  Listings
While most of the homes bought and sold are preexisting, more and more buyers are interested in new construction homes.  How cool would to be the one to start the story of a home? The first dance party, the first bath, the first pancake breakfast, and the first Christmas -So many memories to make! While there are always pros and cons of every situation, we will touch on what home buyers see as benefits in new construction! 1. It's your home. Your blank canvas.  2. Everything is brand spanking new and... read more
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Posted by Jessica Wimberly on October 04, 2018 in No Category
CARLOS UNDERWOOD JOINS COLDWELL BANKER GOSSLEE   (Shreveport, LA – August 24, 2018) – Carlos Underwood has joined the nationally ranked Coldwell Banker Gosslee team of REALTORS®.   “I thrive on meeting the challenges of every deal; it keeps me motivated,” said Carlos, an experienced top producer.  “The process of buying or selling a home from the beginning to a successful close gives me a unique opportunity each time to instruct my buyers and sellers on what to expec... read more
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Thinking Of Selling Your Home?

How To Create A Lifestyle Buyers Want
Posted by Jessica Wimberly on October 01, 2018 in  Home Selling Tips
Today we talk about how you can create a lifestyle that Buyers in today's market want. We will start with some FAQ's of Soon-To-Be Home Sellers to get this started!1. How can I maximize the sale price of my home?2. How can I get my home sold as quickly as possible?3. How can I make this process as stress free as possible?4. What should I do to get my home ready for sale?Do any of these questions resonate with what you're thinking as you prepare to start the process of selling your home?When the time comes to s... read more
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