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Let it Shine

Liven your home for the winter ahead
Posted by Jessica Wimberly on November 11, 2020 in  Home Owner Tips  Interior Design  Winter
With shorter days and more hours of darkness in autumn and winter, turn to the power of indoor lighting as a solution – never underestimate its brilliance. Clever lighting can transform the look and feel of your home with the flip of a switch. While natural sunlight streaming inside is ideal, sometimes the clouds rain on our sunshine parade. When that happens, rely on a variety of lighting sources to brighten things up. You’ll notice, it’s not a one-bulb-fits-all sort of situation. General lightin... read more

How To Prepare Your Home Plumbing For The Winter

Don't find yourself facing plumbing issues!
Posted by Jessica Wimberly on November 05, 2019 in  Holidays  Home Care  Home Owner Tips  Winter  winterizing
Winters are sometimes harsh, and if you don’t prepare your house before the temperatures drop below freezing you could find yourself faced with a number of unwanted plumbing issues. Luckily, it’s relatively simple to prepare your home plumbing for winter using basic items that you can find at your local home improvement store. Insulate the Exposed Pipes in Your Home There are generally three main rooms in your home where you’ll find exposed pipes: the kitchen, the bathroom, and the garage. You can... read more

Your Home's November Honey-Do List

Getting Your Home Ready for Winter
Posted by Jessica Wimberly on November 01, 2019 in  Fall  Home Care  Winter
This month, we’re especially thankful for home. Home is where the family comes together, where we’re protected from the elements, and where love abounds. Your home’s November Honey-Do list will make sure your home is ready for the holidays, prepared for colder weather and loved inside and out. 1. Winterize your home – For most of the country, November is the time when we can no longer deny that the colder weather has settled in. Now is the time to winterize summer tools and appliances l... read more
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