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Pantone Color(s) Of The Year

Thoughtfulness and Optimism Coming Your Way
Posted by Jessica Wimberly on January 15, 2021 in  Home Decorating Tips  Home Design  Homeowner Tips  Interior Design  Painting
The following post originally appeared on the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury blog. After a most unique year, it only makes sense that we would launch into 2021 with an unexpected color of the year choice. In fact, Pantone has gone with not one, but two, hues in its annual proclamation. The color authority today announced PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray and PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating as the dual Colors of the Year for 2021. In a news release, Pantone called them “two independent colors that ... read more

How to Swap Rooms to Make Your Old Home Feel New in 2021

Now is time for a change
Posted by Jessica Wimberly on January 04, 2021 in  Home Decorating Tips  Homeowner Tips  Interior Design
Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to give your house a makeover or declutter? Tired of the old paint colors, the piles of catalogs, over stuffed closets and toys that your kids haven’t touched since 2013? Is your tween not lovin’ the Winnie the Pooh theme room anymore? Well, then its time to room swap! Most of us move homes every 5-10 years but many stay put for decades. Moving is the time when we get rid of the most stuff, so if you haven’t moved in 5 or 10 years things... read more

Let it Shine

Liven your home for the winter ahead
Posted by Jessica Wimberly on November 11, 2020 in  Home Owner Tips  Interior Design  Winter
With shorter days and more hours of darkness in autumn and winter, turn to the power of indoor lighting as a solution – never underestimate its brilliance. Clever lighting can transform the look and feel of your home with the flip of a switch. While natural sunlight streaming inside is ideal, sometimes the clouds rain on our sunshine parade. When that happens, rely on a variety of lighting sources to brighten things up. You’ll notice, it’s not a one-bulb-fits-all sort of situation. General lightin... read more

The Rural Revolution

Bringing Rustic Design Kicking & Screaming Into the 2020s
Posted by Jessica Wimberly on May 19, 2020 in  Home Design  Interior Design
Rustic design can easily be fused with modern interior design principles to bring this characterful design theme well and truly into the 2020s – and we’re here to show you how. SAM SHALOMMAY 5, 2020 SHARE The following is a guest post by Suhayl Laher  The rustic look has long been a celebrated staple of interior design, having injected a sense of quaint yet elegant traditionalism into homes across the globe for centuries. However, this much-loved aesthetic doesn’t have to be limited... read more

5 Ways To Create An Effective Study Station In Your Home

Every home should have space for relaxing, resting, cooking, and studying.
Posted by Jessica Wimberly on April 20, 2020 in  COVID-19  Home Design  Interior Design
Every home should have space for relaxing, resting, cooking, and studying. Whether you have children or are furthering your own education, it’s important to create a place inside your home that makes it easy to stay focused and organized on schoolwork. These tips will help you create a designated study station inside your home: Evaluate your space. Look around your home and determine the best location to set up a study station. A room with a door is the best option because it allows you to shut out any ... read more
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