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Improve Your Home's Value Today By Going Green

Saving Mother Earth and Your Money, One Upgrade at a Time!
Posted by Jessica Wimberly on July 17, 2019 in  Eco-Friendly  Go Green  Home Selling Tips  Homeowner Tips
There is no way around it: Buyers are taking clean energy very seriously these days. We should all be. Reducing our carbon footprint will help to ensure that our children’s children have a planet to call home.   Green homes are on the rise and today, we wanted to highlight some of our favorites to help you get a jump start!  SOLAR PANEL We get it. We get it.Solar Panels aren’t the most aesthetically appealing “green home” feature out there (just put them on the backside of the hom... read more
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The Most Overlooked Factor When Selling Your Home

It's not just about the size of the home and the amount of bedrooms.
Posted by Jessica Wimberly on July 10, 2019 in  Home Selling Tips  Homeowner Tips
When you think about selling your house, there are SO many things to think about and lists to make. Wash the windows, paint the bedroom, plant new flowers, clean up the landscaping, depersonalize, clean the carpets, the list seems to never end!  Well, you’re probably so busy with your pre-market checklist that you could be missing this one crucial factor when it comes to prepping your house for sale. The missing piece is… showing off the lifestyle that your home creates! Find out what this means a... read more
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4 Ways to Help Make Moving with Kids Easier

Helping make the transition to a new home and neighborhood easier for the whole family!
Posted by Jessica Wimberly on June 19, 2019 in  Buying A Home  Home Selling Tips  Moving Tips
4 Ways to Help Make Moving with Kids Easier SHARE No one likes to move and that includes kids! These 4 things to keep in mind should help make the transition to a new home and neighborhood easier for the entire family. GUSTAVO GONZALEZJUN 17, 2019 SHARE The following is a guest post by Laura McHolm, Co-Founder of NorthStar Moving. Summer is here! For families, it’s the most popular time to move to a new home because school is out. If there is any comfort in togetherness, nearly 40 million... read more
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How To Stage Your Home For A Successful Open House

Get Ready To Take Notes!
Posted by Jessica Wimberly on June 11, 2019 in  Home Owner Tips  Home Selling Tips  Homeowner Tips  Open House Tips
If selling your home is on your radar for 2019, you are probably already thinking of all the ways to prepare your home! There’s the deep cleaning, making minor repairs, and giving your walls a fresh coat of paint. One thing you might not have thought about is how to stage your home for a successful Open House! This one is going to be crucial so grab your favorite pen and get ready to take some notes! It’s our goal to equip you with all of the tools and information necessary for selling your home so let&... read more
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3 Kitchen Remodeling Tips That Attract Buyers

...And Don't Break The Bank!
Posted by Jessica Wimberly on June 11, 2019 in  Home Owner Tips  Home Selling Tips  Home Style  Homeowner Tips
Does scrolling through Instagram and seeing picture perfect kitchens have you worried about how you’re going to sell your house when all the buyers out there probably want the Instagram version? Well that’s what today’s blog post is going to help you with! You don’t have to spend $30,000 on an Instagram perfect kitchen remodel to attract buyers when selling your home, but there are a few things you can do that will give your space a mini facelift and some style! THREE KITCHEN REMODELING TIPS... read more
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