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Tricks For Getting Your Home Show Ready In Under 15 Minutes

And Sell Your House In No Time!
Posted by Jessica Wimberly on May 28, 2019 in  Home Owner Tips  Home Selling Tips
Have you ever cleaned your house from top to bottom and thought - looks great, now no one touch anything!! When you’re selling your house, this couldn’t be more true! So whether you’re going to be selling soon, your house is already for sale or you have in-laws who give you a 15 minute warning before stopping over, We want to share our best hacks for getting your house “show ready" in under 15 minutes. 1.) Have a last minute basket Have one laundry basket that you dedicate for a sp... read more
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The Best Colors When Staging Your Home For Sale

Bring in the most buyers with this simple change!
Posted by Jessica Wimberly on May 01, 2019 in  Home Owner Tips
Giving your home a refresh with new paint is one of the least expensive ways to add value and attract more buyers! Can you guess what the top color is for appealing to buyers? Shades of White for the WIN!Most buyers are attracted to a simple and clean color palette. Even buyers who plan on splashing color on the wall will like to see a blank slate over lots of color.  It’s unlikely that even buyers who love color will end up loving the same colors that you like so sticking to neutrals is a better solutio... read more
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Spotting Foundation Issues When Buying A Home

Consider these tips about how to spot potential issues when viewing homes.
Posted by Jessica Wimberly on April 12, 2019 in  First Time Home Buyer  Home Buying Tips  Home Owner Tips
Buying a home is both exciting and stressful. Consider these tips about how to spot potential issues when viewing homes with your real estate agent. Sam Shalom The following guest post is from Sarah Hutchinson Buying a home is both exciting and stressful. After all, you want to find a place that suits your living needs and is in great condition. One of the biggest concerns is that the property you purchase is structurally sound, and this often starts with the foundation. Consider these tips about how to spot p... read more
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How to Swap Rooms to Make Your Old Home Feel New in 2019!

If you haven't moved in a while, switching rooms is a great idea!
Posted by Jessica Wimberly on March 08, 2019 in  Home Owner Tips  Home Style
Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to give your house a makeover or declutter? Tired of the old paint colors, the piles of catalogs, over stuffed closets and toys that your kids haven’t touched since 2013? Is your tween not lovin’ the Winnie the Pooh theme room anymore? Well, then its time to room swap! Most of us move homes every 5-10 years but many stay put for decades. Moving is the time when we get rid of the most stuff, so if you haven’t moved in 5 or 10 years things are pilin... read more
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