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What Millennials Dislike Most About Their First Home Purchase

How to Prevent Buyers Remorse!
Posted by Jessica Wimberly on June 20, 2019 in  Buying A Home  First Time Home Buyer  Home Buying Tips
WHAT MILLENNIALS HATE MOST ABOUT THEIR HOMES #1: THE COST OF HOME MAINTENANCE According to a recent study, 63% of millennial homeowners feel buyer’s remorse when it comes to their current home purchase. That’s A LOT! The most common regret was underestimating the costs of maintenance and repairs. As a first time home buyer, you’re not used to the expenses that come along with owning your own place. There isn’t a landlord to call when the AC stops working and you are covered in sweat. Some ho... read more
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Do I Need A Real Estate Agent To Buy A House

Learn Why It's Important To Have One!
Posted by Jessica Wimberly on June 13, 2019 in  Buying A Home  First Time Home Buyer  Home Buying Tips
Buying your first home is KIND OF A BIG DEAL! If you’re considering buying your first home, one question you might be wondering is if you need a Real Estate Agent to buy a house. What does it mean? How much does it cost? What happens if you don’t? Today, We'll be covering all of that so that you understand exactly how the process works because the last thing you want to do is jump into this process head first without having these answers! DO I NEED A REAL ESTATE AGENT TO BUY A HOUSE? 3 THINGS TO CONSIDE... read more
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3 Thing You Won't Learn From Watching HGTV

Let Coldwell Banker Gosslee Guide You Home!
Posted by Jessica Wimberly on June 10, 2019 in  Buying A Home  Home Buying  Home Buying Tips
3 THINGS YOU WON’T LEARN ABOUT HOUSE HUNTING FROM WATCHING HGTV #1: YOU HAVE A TEAM! HGTV’s House Hunters doesn’t show the buyer’s home buying team. When you’re buying a house, you will have a team of professionals working together to get you to the closing table! You’ll have a Coldwell Banker Gosslee Agent who shows you homes, works in your best interest, educates you on the market, guides you on what to offer the sellers and negotiates on your behalf throughout the process. You... read more
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3 Tips For Buying A Home You Love

(Buyers Remorse Not Included)
Posted by Jessica Wimberly on June 04, 2019 in  Buying A Home  First Time Home Buyer  Home Buying  Home Buying Tips
Buying your first home is NO JOKE! It’s a really big decision and one you should 100% prepare for. The last thing you want is to invest your hard earned money into a home and end up regretting it! We are going to share 3 of our best tips for how to buy a house you’ll love - no buyer’s remorse included!TIP #1: FIGURE OUT YOUR DEAL BREAKERS AND MUST HAVES BEFORE YOU START YOUR HOME SEARCH1. Aside from the basics like location and number of bedrooms, think about the purpose of the home and the requir... read more
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Questions To Ask Yourself If You're Considering Homeownership

Answer These Before Buying A Home
Posted by Jessica Wimberly on May 19, 2019 in  First Time Home Buyer  Home Buying  Home Buying Tips
If buying your first home is on your radar in the near future this topic is definitely for YOU! We are going to share with you the top questions you should ask yourself if you’re considering homeownership! 1. If you are considering buying a home, the biggest question We want you to ask yourself is – WHY?! Do you want a place to call your own? Do you want more privacy? The ability to paint the kitchen bright yellow if you want or turn the dining room into a game room – because it’s your ... read more
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