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Getting Your Home Back-To-School Ready

Preparing You & Your Family For A Successful School Year
Posted: August 06, 2018 by Jessica Wimberly

It's that time of year again. Summer has come to an end
and fall weather is on the horizon. (Thank Goodness!)
If you have kids, this means that the first day of school
is right around the corner. While the kids may not be
as excited as you are to send them off
(Insert Happy Dance!),
the least you can do is get both them and
your home organized for an easy transition.

To hopefully help downsize the chaos,
we've put together some helpful tips in preparing
your home for the new school year ahead.

Before you start on anything else,
clean and de-clutter your home.
This means donating the kids old toys, clothes, & shoes;
sorting through loose papers; ridding the house of
any excess items that you will never use.
You could even consider this "Fall Cleaning." 

They say that it's easier to concentrate and
be more productive in an organized space.
If the thought of de-cluttering makes your head spin,
read this for ideas on how to get started.

Create a Homework Zone
A Homework Zone is ideal for any space in your
home where there is limited distraction.
Let the kids participate in choosing
this space - it will keep them interested
and productive because it is a space they
can be proud of and comfortable in. 
(We found this Homework Zone, by Wesley Thomas, Inc,
at last year's 
Parade of Homes and have loved it since.)

Organize Your Kitchen
Use designated cabinets for after-school snacks,
as well as go-to drawers in the refrigerator
for healthy snacks. An organized refrigerator
is a great way to ensure a smooth school week. 

You can even create sections in the frige for
breakfast, lunch, and dinner items.
We speak from personal experience
- kitchen organization may be the most
beneficial on saving time. 

Create An Area For School Supplies
Raise your hand if you are the mom that puts
 your kids projects together the night before, or even
the morning it is due? (We know you are out there!)
Keeping these items on hand can make for
one less panic attack duringthe school year
Get your school supply closet ready now!

Organize Your Mudroom
The Mudroom is one of the
2018 Must-Have's. The perfect place
for everyone to hang their belongings without
cluttering up the home -- Dreamy!
Make sure to create a space for each
person with everything they will need for each day.
This will help bring order to busy mornings. 

Getting Back To The Norm
The start of the new school year not only gives the
sense of normalcy back in your lives, but also signifies
a new beginning for your children. Use this as an
opportunity to organize your home to make your
life easier so you can spend your time
watching your children learn and grow.
That's what life is really about!

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