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Selling Your Home During The Winter Has Its Advantages. 

Let's debunk the myth that you should wait until spring to sell your home.  Historically, spring is the busiest real estate selling season; however, people do buy homes 365 days a year.  Dave Ramsey, America's trusted voice on money and a national best-selling author and radio host, reports homes listed in the winter have a nine percent greater likelihood of selling, sell a week faster and sell for more money.

Here's how selling your home during the winter months can work to your advantage. 

  1. Less competition
    The widely held belief that spring is the best time to sell a home leads to a greater influx of available homes hitting the market. Consequently, prospective buyers have a larger inventory of homes from which to choose. Listing your home before spring improves your odds of selling it at a higher price without a lot of competition.

  2. Better exposure of your home
    With fewer listings on the market, your home will get more attention from real estate agents and may appear in more buyers' internet searches. 

  3. Corporate relocations
    Companies often relocate workers during the first quarter of the year. Selling your home to someone relocating for work can help you obtain a higher sales price. These buyers are motivated to reach an agreement and are eager to move.

  4. Fewer yard maintenance worries
    Selling your home during the spring or summer requires you to be vigilant about yard care so that your house looks its best for every potential buyer. Listing your home during the winter requires investing less time and money in lawn and landscaping expenses.

  5. List in February, sell quickly
    A national study that analyzed listings, sales prices and time on the market found that winter is the best time for sellers to list their home. The study found that 66 percent of the homes listed in February sold within 90 days. A higher percentage of homes sold for above list price during winter months compared to those listed in June or later.

Winter home buyers tend to be serious shoppers. They are motivated and may not be interested in doing a lot of browsing. Regardless of what time of year you list your home, if it is priced right and shows well, it will sell.

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