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How to Organize the Kids Rooms Before Putting Your Home on the Market

Say Toys One More Time!
Posted: October 09, 2020 by Jessica Wimberly

If you've ever moved with kiddos, then there is probably one four-letter word that you never want to hear again: TOYS.

That's why we are sharing a little method that we learned long ago. The "Toy Store Method" is the perfect method to use when it comes time to declutter. Instead of questioning whether you want to get rid of items, decide with the kiddos what you want to keep.

Here's what you do:

1. Take every single toy from the house and set it up in one room. Create separate sections for dolls, cars, puzzles, and board games and display everything like a toy store.

2. Give the kids shopping bags and they can "buy" any toy they want to keep. Depending on their ages, you can give them a set number of bags or boxes for their toys, or incorporate a reward system for each toy they donate.

3. At first, the kids will seem to buy everything. But, surprisingly, they generally begin to slow down and in the end, you'll have dozens of toys left over to donate or sell.

4. If you find that this works for your family, use the same method with other categories of items like clothing, books, and sports equipment. ?

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