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How to Write a Letter to the Seller

Winning in a Competitive Market
Posted: September 02, 2020 by Jessica Wimberly

You find the home of your dreams. 

Only to find out that there are 7 other buyers that have fallen in love with it as well! 

This might sound crazy, but we have found that one of the best tips in this kind of situation is writing a letter to the seller.

So, today, we are going to share some Do's and some Do Not's to help you WIN!

DO: Find out the seller's situation. A letter may not be appropriate for every scenario. Not every home is sold for the same reason so before you pour your heart out on paper, make sure it makes sense! 

DO NOT: Include a photo with your offer. You may want to show off your sweet kiddos or adorable fur baby in an effort to warm up the sellers, but sharing a picture could potentially put the sellers and/or listing agent in a position that could accuse them of violating Fair Housing Laws. 

The Fair Housing Act protects people from discrimination when they are renting or buying a home. It prohibits discrimination in housing because of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status and disability. 

DO: Tell the seller what you love most about the home. Compliment the kitchen updates, the meticulously maintained yard, your shared love of painting (or something else you notice when touring the home that you have in common).

DO NOT: Point out any "problems" about the house. If you notice siding that needs to be painted or any other maintenance issues, save it for the home inspection. The home inspection is actually the number 1 cause of offers falling apart and if you start out by talking about concerns, you might scare the seller off. 

Obviously you don't want to purchase a home full of problems but if you want the house, wait and share those conerns with the home inspector when the time comes. 

DO: Talk about the lisfestyle features of the home. Do you loce to entertain and are head over heels with the oversized kitchen island and screened in porch? Share that! Explain how you've always dreamed of hosting big family dinners and birthday parties with room for everyone and you are so excited to finally have a home of your own to do it in!

DO: Be mindful that selling is sometimes emotional for the seller. Emotion also sells. So by acknowledging the hard work the sellers have put into the home and explaining that you will be sure to take good care of it too, you may just make the sellers fall in love with YOUR OFFER. 

If you have good handwriting, we think a written letter is even more powerful, but if not - a PDF will work!

Ready to find the home of your dream? Let our experienced agents help! 

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