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How To Make Buyers Fall In Love With Your Home This Season

'Tis the Season!
Posted: November 22, 2019 by Jessica Wimberly

It’s beginning to look a lot like Chris…… wait we meant to say, it’s beginning to look like the market needs more homes for sale!

We hear it all the time “I want to wait until Spring when buyers are out and about and the flowers are beautiful." We hear you BUT we want to share a few ways you can make buyers fall for your house THIS season!

Plus, the holidays evoke the most cozy atmosphere and it just “feels like home” which could be a huge bonus if you are thinking of selling before we kick off a new year! 

So let's get started on how to make this seasons buyers fall in love with your home!


Fall is the season with some of the best scents! Getting that perfect scent in your home can be tricky and we want to make sure you’re avoiding spraying Febreeze everywhere because that just smells like you’re trying to cover something up!

So instead of the outdated room sprays, invest in some Fall (or Christmas) scented candles. Bath & Body Works always has the best scents that leave your house smelling delicious (and they usually have some great deals too). 

Another great way to create that inviting, holiday scent is to bake chocolate chip cookies (this will never go out of style, especially when you leave the cookies out for buyers). Want to get a little more creative? Mix up a batch of homemade potpourri on the stove with cinnamon, cloves and orange peels.

Don’t mix too many scents or it can become to overwhelming and even give people a headache. Whether it’s your house guests or buyers, you don’t want them leaving early!


For Fall accents, stick with a variety of pumpkins (white, oranges, greens look great together), a bowl of red apples or gourds, and a vase with fall florals or wheatgrass.

For Christmas, you can still put up your tree but keep the winter wonderland to a minimum. Think subtle holiday decor like red accents, a faux fur throw draped across the couch and some textured throw pillows.


This truly applies to any time of the year but it’s important to find that balance between “lived in” and WE LIVE HERE!

Remove personal items such as gallery walls of family photos, the giant 24x24 photo of your wedding day from the mantel, sports trophies and wedding invites stuck to the fridge. 

But you still want to make sure your house looks inviting, not vacant. So keep a few books out on the coffee table. Leave that throw draped casually over the arm of the chair. Leave a candle burning in the kitchen and the fireplace going if you can. Swap out wherever you had family photos with other artwork. You can even keep the family photo behind it so when you move you can easily switch it back!

If you have any little nooks, turn them into a space that can be used such as a coffee or wine bar. Line the shelf with coffee mugs and have a jar full of tea or coffee pods. Turn an empty corner into a reading nook with a comfy chair, a lamp for ambiance and an ottoman or pouf.

Don’t forget to highlight any fun features. If you have a theater room or hangout space with recliners and a TV, turn on a Christmas movie. Set the lighting how you would for a movie. Pop some popcorn in your machine. Show the buyers what their lifestyle would look like if they lived there!

There you have it! 3 ways to make Buyers fall in love with your home this season!

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