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How To Spruce Up The One Room In Your Home That Needs Some Love

Getting Your Home Ready to Shine Out The Competition!
Posted: August 05, 2019 by Jessica Wimberly

Today we are talking about the one room in your home that needs some love and how to fix it without breaking the bank.

In the Real Estate world a space that needs some work could prevent buyers from making an offer in an otherwise move in ready home. No worries - We are here to help!


Here are some examples:

Is your kitchen looking like it belongs in an episode of That 70’s Show? Could it use some Joanna Gaines magic?

Do you have shabby laundry areas that lack optimal storage solutions?

What about rooms that don’t really have much of a purpose? A guest bedroom that has become more of a storage area or a dining room that has been taken over by toys.

Are your closets, pantries or countertops overly cluttered?

Do you have formal rooms in a more informal living space. This could be a space designated as a formal living room but that look doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the home.


If it’s your kitchen that needs a little love, you don’t have to do an entire remodel to transition it into a space that buyers may want to update down the road and don't view as a deal breaker. 

Some easy fixes for an outdated kitchen are to replace light fixtures, buy a new kitchen rug, change out of add cabinet hardware, or install a fun backsplash. If you want to make a bigger impact, you could consider putting in a new, neutral countertops and have your cabinets painted white or gray. Check with your favorite Coldwell Banker Gosslee Agent to see if they think that is going to help net you more money in the end or not.

Consider hiring a home organizer who can provide you with the tools you need to make the most use out of your space and create the best storage solutions. This will help with making any overly crowded spaces appear larger and more organized. Buyers want to see how much space you have not how much stuff you have! 

If you have a room that doesn’t have much of a purpose you can stage these rooms to be an extra bedroom, an office nook, a play room or even a mini bar space. Make that space functional! 

For more formal spaces that don’t really 'fit the mold', turn them into more of a laid back space. If you have a formal living room that isn’t being used, consider adding a TV and some comfy chairs or floor pillows to make it fit the lifestyle of your house better!

Now...Who’s ready to make their old spaces desirable?!

Before listing your home for sale, it’s important to make sure you optimize every space in your home. If you aren’t sure what changes to make, that’s what your Coldwell Banker Gosslee Agent can help with! They can do virtual and in person walk throughs of your home where they can help provide you with ideas on how to make your home shine so it shows in it’s best light! 

Just give us a call and get your walk through scheduled! 

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