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Top Home Renovations for Maximum ROI

Thinking of renovating your home?
Posted: July 03, 2019 by Jessica Wimberly

Do you know anyone who might be thinking about a home renovation or wondering where they’ll get their biggest bang for their buck? 



Were you thinking we were going to say kitchen or bath? Surprisingly landscaping is a top runner for maximum return on investment. Your curb appeal is your first impression so it makes total sense.

If your yard is one area your home is lacking, adding in some color and cleaning things up can make a big difference. Consider incorporating some flowering shrubs, large planters with bright flowers, fresh mulch and maybe even a new flagstone walkway to really spruce things up.


This one doesn’t sound like a lot of fun but it’s a big deal when it comes to selling your home. If you’re seeing water leaks in your roof, put this in the #1 spot before you do anything else. The ROI on a new roof is over 100%! 


Hardwood floors are probably the one feature that will always be a good investment. The trending style of hardwood floors may change over time but they’re always going to trump any other style of flooring when it comes to holding their value. 

If you already have hardwood floors but they’re just a little beat up, refinishing is a great option to get them looking fabulous again and is less expensive than installing brand new hardwoods.

We have also seen the tile flooring that looks like hardwood in many newer homes and renovations. They look really good and they are more durable for the long haul. So that would also be a good option. 


As we mentioned before, landscaping is the #1 runner for best ROI - so it only makes sense that a patio or deck addition is really going to up your backyard game.

Now you’ll have a place to sit and enjoy the landscaping work that you did!

To give you some examples: the average cost of a patio is $6,400 and the average return is 102%! For a deck, the average cost is $9,450 with a 106% average return. (Source: House Logic)

Before you start your renovations, give us a call! We always want to make sure that our homeowners are making the best decisions when putting money into their homes!

Our agents will guide you through what will be best for you in terms of resale so that you will have zero regrets!

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