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How To Stage Your Home For A Successful Open House

Get Ready To Take Notes!
Posted: June 11, 2019 by Jessica Wimberly

If selling your home is on your radar for 2019, you are probably already thinking of all the ways to prepare your home! There’s the deep cleaning, making minor repairs, and giving your walls a fresh coat of paint.

One thing you might not have thought about is how to stage your home for a successful Open House! This one is going to be crucial so grab your favorite pen and get ready to take some notes!

It’s our goal to equip you with all of the tools and information necessary for selling your home so let’s dive in! 



Make it feel like “HOME”! When buyers step through your front door, you want them to experience the cozy feeling of home and there are a few ways you can do this!

Ask them to take off their shoes - Not only will this show them that you take care of your home and want to protect the floors but you can also add a nice note. Take an 8x10 picture frame and write a note to the buyers that says something like “Welcome! This could be your new home! Please remove shoes or wear the booties provided!” Also provide a basket of booties that they can wear over their shoes.

Have a beverage station - Have a designated space for the buyers to grab something to drink. You could set up a coffee bar with disposable coffee cups they can take with them or keep it really simple and put out some water bottles. Or get creative and make a festive holiday punch or cider!


The PERFECT temperature - Appeal to the weather! If it’s a chilly, snowy day, crank up the heat so when buyers step through the door, they’ll be instantly warmed up!

Lights, Camera, Action - Just kidding about the camera, but lighting is key when staging for an Open House! Open up all of your blinds and turn on every light or lamp. There’s nothing worse than walking through a dimly lit home.

Your Coldwell Banker Gosslee Agent can get the lights turned on for you but if you have a darker area or room, consider investing in new lighting before listing your home. Your home shows best and looks larger when it’s nice and bright!

A bonus tip for brightening your home is to remove your window screens! (If you do this - make sure to keep them in a safe place! The future home owners will more than likely want to put them back on.)

The little luxuries - Prep your home so that the Open House will feel like more of an experience than just another house the buyers are walking through.

Play soft music in the background, light a few candles, and make sure your fireplace is turned on. Also, make sure you highlight fun home features such as a movie theater room - make popcorn buyers can snack on and have a movie playing!


The Top 10 List: Buyers walking through your Open House might not be familiar with the area or know every feature your home has. Make a Top 10 List that shares your favorite things about living here.

The Welcome Sign: Do you have a chalkboard or letter board? Put a message on it to welcome buyers such as “Welcome Home!”

Community Spotlight! You can do this on the same chalkboard or on a separate list - Share your 5 favorite spots in the community. Whether it’s a park, favorite happy hour spot, or best pasta in town. This will give buyers a feel for your community and get them excited about new places they can check out!

That’s a wrap on staging your home for a successful open house! If you or someone you know is thinking about selling their home soon, make sure to give us a call! Our experienced agents are always happy to help you make that move!

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