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Tricks For Getting Your Home Show Ready In Under 15 Minutes

And Sell Your House In No Time!
Posted: May 28, 2019 by Jessica Wimberly

Have you ever cleaned your house from top to bottom and thought - looks great, now no one touch anything!!

When you’re selling your house, this couldn’t be more true! So whether you’re going to be selling soon, your house is already for sale or you have in-laws who give you a 15 minute warning before stopping over, We want to share our best hacks for getting your house “show ready" in under 15 minutes. 

1.) Have a last minute basket 
Have one laundry basket that you dedicate for a speed clean up. Use it to throw in scattered toys, magazines, a sweatshirt hanging on the chair, and any little things laying around that you want out of sight but don’t have time to put away quickly.

2.) Fluff the couch pillows 
If your spouse or dogs like to bunch up the pillows, you’ll want to make sure they’re nice and fluffed before the buyers arrive.

3.) Light a candle 
Have a candle out on the kitchen counter that is ready to be lit when you have a showing.

4.) Turn on every single light and open all the blinds 
We are talking all the lights. Exterior lights, table lamps, and accent lighting - the brighter the better.

5.) Clear off the counters 
The countertops should be cleared of clutter from a bridal shower invite to the crate and barrel catalog you still want to look through. The only things that should be out on the countertops are 1-2 small appliances such as the coffee maker and a candle.

6.) Invest in a big decorative basket or storage ottoman for blankets 
Most people always use blankets when they are lounging in front of the TV. Keep a nice big basket next to the couch you can quickly throw your blankets in so they’re not sprawled across the couch. You don’t even have to fold them neatly, just throw them on in.

7.) Close the toilet seats 
Pretty self explanatory, but please do this - it does make a difference!

8.) Set Alexa to play some nice background music 
This is a multi-tasking item: While you’re fluffing the couch pillows you can tell Alexa what to turn on. How cool is that? If you don’t have an Alexa - We definitely suggest turning on some tunes!

9.) Hide the pet’s dishes and grab the pets
Even pet lovers don’t like to see signs of pets when they’re looking at a home they’re thinking of buying. So take the water & food bowls and toys with you (you can throw them in the special laundry basket!)

10.) Keep a package of cleaning wipes in your bathroom and kitchen 
Do a quick wipe down of the countertops so they’re sparkling and clean! No one wants to see a dirty kitchen or bathroom. 

And there you have it - Your house will be ready for buyers in no time! Just throw the laundry basket in the car with you and you are set! Unless of course you don’t keep up with vacuuming and dishes, then you’ll need more like 30 minutes!

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