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3 Home Inspection Mistakes To Avoid

Must Know Info For Your Home Inspection!
Posted: March 12, 2019 by Jessica Wimberly

The Sellers have accepted your offer and you are now under contract for your dream home! Whoop! You've been racking up your wish list of home décor and you can't wait to get the keys and make it your own!

BUT before you get too far, you have to cross a few things off first - including your home inspection period. 

Today we talk the importance of a home inspection and the mistakes you need to avoid during the process. 

Mistake 1: Not Having A Home Inspection To "Save Money"

We get it. Purchasing a home is costly. You've saved up your money for years to buy a home. You've got to pay the down payment, new furniture, and all the other costs that roll in to owning a home. 

The BIGGEST mistake you can make when it comes to your Home Inspection period is not having a Home Inspection at all!

The average cost of a Home Inspection is $500 and if the house looks to be in pretty good condition, We can see why you might consider skipping it and spending extra money on home décor for your new place instead!

However, at the end of the day, $500 is an extremely low expense when considering that the house you're purchasing is probably the biggest investment you've made to date. 

The home inspection is not only your chance to learn about how your home works but if there are any major defects that can't be seen without the knowledge of a professional, you'll want to know this before signing on the dotted line and taking ownership of your new home. So make sure you don't skip this very important step of the home buying process! You'll avoid any potential buyer's remorse and be confident that buying this home is a great decision. 

Mistake #2: Not Attending The Home Inspection

No matter how great of condition the house is in, there is inevitably going to be something that the home inspector finds to include in the report. 

Attending  your home inspection will not only teach you a lot about the house you are moving into,  but you'll be able to ask the home inspector any question you have. You don't have to be present for the entire inspection, but we suggest coming at the end so that the inspector is able to go over all of the findings with you. 

They'll also tell you how serious the repairs they find actually are and share anything you should keep an eye on. 

If you skip your home inspection, you will likely feel very overwhelmed and what looks large on the inspection report could be very minor and vice versa! 

If you live out of town or are unable to take off of work, you can always ask your agent to go in your place! They will be able to relay the findings with you!

Mistake #3: Letting The Home Inspection Stress You Out

You already know that attending your Home Inspection will help prevent you from freaking out about the report when you receive the report. 

There might be repairs that you definitely want to negotiate with the sellers, look into further, or have fixed prior to closing, but be careful not to be too unrealistic.

Take a deep breath and write down your major concerns. Look into what they will cost to repair or replace and determine the best way to handle it. Keep your emotions out of it when addressing these issues with the sellers and try to keep a mindset that your goal is for both you and the sellers to feel that the solution is fair. 

Want to learn more about the Home Inspection process and how it works? Give us a call!

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