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Pre-Listing Tips To Instantly Increase Your Home's WOW Factor

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Posted: March 11, 2019 by Jessica Wimberly

Preparing your home to hit the market isn't easy. 

Competing with other homes isn't fun. (Especially when there are a lot of homes to compete with).

BUT, Coldwell Banker Gosslee is here to help get you started! 

First things first:

De-Clutter Everything! 
This is huge! You want prospective buyers to see how much space you have, not how much stuff you have. Clean off the counter in your Kitchens and Bathrooms. It is okay to leave out the coffee pot, but clear away anything else that is cluttering your counters. Hide dish soap and sponges - buyers want to think about entertaining, not doing dishes. Add one pretty decorative item - such as a nice candle or a vase of flowers - and light the candle when you have a showing. 

Hang everything in your closets as neatly as possible and fold everything in your linen closet neatly.
The more organized things look, the more appealing they look. It also gives the impression that you have plenty of space - and everyone wants more closet space! 
Closet Tip: Take out half of what is hanging in your closets and store it. Then, neatly organize what is left. Sort everything else in easily accessible bins.

Take down personal items.
People want to imagine themselves living here. They don't want to see your family photos and sports trophies. Detach yourself from the house. You want to take the focus away from you as much as possible and make it about the house. You can take your memories with you!

Clean your appliances.
If you have beautiful stainless steel appliances, wipe away those fingerprints and show them off. 

Put toys away.
Get a few large decorative baskets and/or a storage cube shelf that you can quickly throw toys and books in for showings. Designate a laundry basket that you can fill up with random items laying around and throw it in the trunk of your car when you're leaving the house. 

Put out fresh towels in your bathrooms. 
Buy new ones if yours aren't looking their best. You can buy new, white hand towels for under $5 at Target that will freshen up the look of your bathroom!

Deep clean EVERYTHING!
Make it evident that your house is well taken care of and isn't a lot of work to keep up with! Freshen up any places where you may have peeling paint or chips, Trim, walls, doors, shutters, etc. 

If you have rooms painted bright colors, consider re-painting to more neutral tones that would appeal to anyone. Accent colors are okay but lots of bright walls will turn off most buyers. 

Don't forget about the front of your house.
Spruce up your home's curb appeal. Clean it up - trim foliage, remove dead plants and mulch, and have the grass freshly cut for showings. Add flower pots by the front door with pretty flowers for a pop of color. 

Change our any rugs that may be getting worn out. 
Bathroom, kitchen, welcome mat, and hallway runners. It is amazing what a big difference something so small can make. 

Add an area rug to a big open room.
It adds a feeling of warmth and a touch of style. You don't have to spend a lot of money on this, just something to fill in an open space that isn't carpeted. 

Invest in good lighting.
Swap out any outdated fixtures for something more modern. Add accent lighting where appropriate. Remove window screens to let in more natural light. The light and brighter your home looks, the better!

This list is meant to give you ideas and help you to focus on what needs the most attention in your home so that buyers will fall in love!

Give our agents a call today and they can help you to determine which things are best to implement in order to have your home show in the best way possible! They are always happy to answer questions or give suggestions!

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