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Hiring an agent who knows how to market a smart home is very important.
Posted: February 06, 2019 by Jessica Wimberly

What Is A Smart Home?

As technology progresses it has begun to shape the way we interact with our homes.  Today, we are enjoying a new generation of tools that can help automate and enhance our homes.  These new and emerging devices are affordable and easily installed in your home.  The benefits of enhancing your lifestyle is innumerable.  There are several categories of smart home tools including; lighting, safety, entertainment, appliances, heating and cooling, security and temperature.  CNET is the leading source of technology information and has partnered with Coldwell Banker to establish an industry standard for defining a Smart Home.

Smart Home is defined as a
 home that is equipped with network-connected products (aka “smart products,” connected via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or similar protocols) for controlling, automating and optimizing functions such as temperature, lighting, security, safety or entertainment, either remotely by a phone, tablet, computer or a separate system within the home itself.

Buyer Preferences

Having these resources as part of your home can greatly enhance the desirability of your home by buyers.  In a recent survey 81% of home buyers are more likely to purchase a home with Smart Technologies in place.  Buyers overwhelming desire a move-in ready home and 57% said that they would buy an older home if it had smart home technologies already in place.

How We Can Help

Coldwell Banker Gosslee is uniquely positioned and trained to promote your home as a seller who has invested in smart home technology. Several years ago we began training our agents and certifying them as Smart Home specialists.  If you’re a buyer, then we possess the training to explain what devices are installed and how to work towards getting them conveyed when you purchase the home.  While helping Sellers we have the advantage of promoting your smart home on,, and using a variety of innovative techniques to make your home competitive among the other homes on the market. 

So, if you are thinking of purchasing a Smart Home or Updating your current to make it a Smart Home, make sure to hire one of our Coldwell Banker Gosslee Smart Agents! You'll be making a Smart Choice that we know you will be forever pleased with!

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